Where to get ready to move apartments in Noida extension?

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Do not we all have to leave our house to achieve a specific aim or start a new chapter at a particular time in our life? Going to another city that is a stranger to us makes us crave more to feel the warmth of our home. You only need ready to move apartments in Noida extension to feel the warmth of your home..

Many people tend to go for rent a house, but in the back of our minds, we all have the fear that at any time, we may lose the roof under which we are staying. To get away from this, we tend to buy a house we make our home by decorating it and making memories there.

So to help people achieve this, Miglani Groups have been working day and night by creating and designing such architectural projects, which are a great treat for our eyes, heart, and even our pocket.

Their fantastic project, the Bally Ha’I, comprises ready to move apartments in Noida extension and is here for your rescue. 

Who are the Miglani group?

They are a massive company with a notable and significant history in the investment and development field. You can see their end-to-end cut-off designed project around the Delhi NCR area.

But they have been focusing on Greater Noida, where they want to serve their customers with their well-furnished flats project of 2bhk and 3bhk.

And for Miglani Group, present you Bally Ha’i.

What is Bally Ha’i?

This is one of the best closes to the finished project of Miglani Group, which can surpass their customers’ expected level of design and aspiration.

In this project, every fragment from the architectural floor plan to even the interior design and the material used promises their customer to give a proper authentic look.

This project has been made to keep its charm by keeping it well structured to support the technology for solar and wind energy and even with great green eco around the project.

As per maths, this project is four times more significant than any other creation. This project precisely locates over 5000-acre land of East Bank regenerated land.

Features and floor plan of Bally Ha’i.

This project of Miglani Group has a very cozy and mesmerizing indoor, beautifully arranged with proper spacious rooms, balconies, and kitchen designs. And, significantly, the uninterrupted view of the Greater Noida west from your home.

And now, when you will stroll outside your home around the campus, you can enjoy their excellent golf course, sunlit parks, private water garden, poolside, club house, cafeteria, and theater.

A complete set of luxury is designed very well to keep their customer hooked within the campus.

In major, they have three-floor plans, which are as follows.

  1. Floor area- 954 sq. ft

Bedrooms- 2

Bathrooms- 2

Balconies- 4

Kitchen and drawing

  1. Floor area- 1283 sq. ft

Bedrooms- 3

Bathrooms- 2

Balconies- 3

Kitchen and drawing

  1. Floor area- 1507 sq. ft

Bedrooms- 3

Bathrooms- 3

Balconies- 5

Kitchen and drawing

Now you can very well get one of the above mention plans which fit your requirement the best. You can make the additional changes in your flat as per your need with the variation of the total price per your modification.


So now, if you are looking for ready to move flats in Greater Noida. Miglani Group presents you Bally Ha’I, one of their incredible creation in the history of their development project.

For more details and clarification, one can easily access their official website, where you can get the latest updates regarding this project in the form of the site picture uploaded in their gallery.

You can quickly contact and get your query resolved through the contacts and portal present on their official website.

So, let’s move to your ideal home in Greater Noida with Miglani Group without delay.

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